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Author: Accepted for Publication

"Trial by Fire" (poem), was to appear in the September 2013 issue of Empirical Magazine.magazine went out of business in August

"The Ghost in the Window", (writing as Cassandra Hex), Tortured Souls (vol. 1) Anthology, Scarlett River Press, originally scheduled for December 2012.

Author: Published



"Eat It", A Quick Read: One Minute Stories from all over the World

"Games", Christmas Carroll: A Holiday Anthology from the Carroll County Writers' Group

"Late for Dinner" (writing as Desdemona Pike), Fall 2014 (premier issue) of Prose 'n Cons magazine

"Best Laid Plans"in Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthology

"Initial Success", "X-File #227: Last Words", "The Green Monster", "Uncle Bud and the UFO", "Venture Capital", "Desperately Yours", Aspiring Writers 2012 Winners Anthology, April 2013

"Friend or Foe", year end anthology, February 2013

"I'm a Believer" (writing as Delfina Hex), Fabula Argentea, January 2013

"Second Opinion", (writing as Desdemona Pike), Bonded By Blood V: Doomsday Descends Anthology, SNM Horror, December 2012.

"Cindy Lou, Who?", (writing as Cassandra Hex), Zombies Gone Wild! (vol. 1) Anthology, Collaboration of the Dead Press, October 2012.

"Friend or Foe",, September 2012

"After the Plague", (writing as Cassandra Hex),, September 2012

"Exclusive Exposure", A Torn Page: 2012 Summer Short Fiction Anthology, Cool Waters Media, July 2012

"Patent Leather Predicament", "The Designer Sandals", "The Glass Slipper", That One Left Shoe Anthology, Blue Dragon Press, April 2012.

"Slot Canyon Rules", "The Glass Slipper Arrangement", "The Kudzu Conspiracy", (writing as Delfina Hex), That One Left Shoe Anthology, Blue Dragon Press, April 2012.

"The Hand Painted Crocs", (writing as Desdemona Pike), That One Left Shoe Anthology, Blue Dragon Press, April 2012.

"Raffaiella", Pen in Hand, Spring 2012 issue, Maryland Writers' Association, April 2012.

"Second Opinion", (writing as Desdemona Pike), SNM Horror Magazine, April/May Issue 1, April 2012.

"Games", "Father's Day at the Beach", "Curiosity Kills", Aspiring Writers 2011 Short Story Competition Winners Anthology, Blue Dragon Press, February 2012 (pp. 13-20, 37-40),



"Laundry of the MInd", "Resolutions", "Whenever", Christmas Carroll: A Holiday Anthology from the Carroll County Writers? Group

"Hitch", Fall/Winter 2014 (premier issue) of Prose 'n Cons magazine

"Easter Tradition", Horton the Elephant, Rainbow Magic in Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthology

Tale of Two Geese, Whispered Writings--Rachel Kovacs blog, April 2013, Duck, Duck, Goose challenge. direct link to illustrated children's tale

"Worry", Whispered Writings--Rachel Kovacs blog, April 2013, challenge poem.

"The Cooking Lesson", Dangerous Lee Network, April 2013, poetry month daily feature.

"The Shift", "Quest for Knowledge", and "Stone Soul", Horror Zine, February 2013, Editor's Pick Poet.

"Stone Soul", "Quest for Knowledge", and "The Shift", Horror Zine Spring 2013 anthology, (I also have an illustration in the book).

"Belief Systems" and "Silent Orchestra", Best of Empirical 2012, Cool Waters Media, November 2012.

"Mulch Memories" and "The Great Unknown", Verse Land, Writers Haven, November 2012.


"The Cerebral Hemorrhage", Latitude on 2nd: 2012 Summer Poetry Anthology, Cool Waters Media, July 2012

"Silent Orchestra", Empirical Magazine, July issue, Cool Waters Media, July 2012.

"Tears of the Nereid", EMG-zine, May 2012 issue: Sea Monsters, May 2012.

"One Left Shoe", "The Left Shoe", , That One Left Shoe Anthology, Blue Dragon Press, April 2012.

"Guardian Angle", Pen in Hand, Spring 2012 issue, Maryland Writers' Association, April 2012.

"Sleeping People", SNM Horror Magazine/Dark Poetry, April/May issue, April 2012.

"All Fall Down", "Laundry of the Mind", "The Thinker Sleeps", Latitude on 2nd, premier volume: Spring 2012, Cool Waters Media, March 2012 (pp. 30-31).

"Belief Systems", Empirical Magazine, premier issue, Cool Waters Media, May 2012, (p. 7).

Street People Tales, narrative poetry with illustrations, Blue Dragon Press, December 2011, paperback, Nook, Kindle (author, illustrator)

The Comet, illustrated fable, Blue Dragon Press, May 2011, paperback, Nook (author, illustrator)



"Review of Limbus, Inc.", The Horror Zine, April 2013.

"Authentic", Fundamentally Female, October 2012.

"Stylish", Fundamentally Female, October 2012.

"You Are More Successful Than You Think", Guest Blog, Self-Publishing Experts, April 2012.

"Lizzie and Clara Shop for Tattoos", Guest Blog, The Dante Chronicles, April 2012.

"PTSD Survivors Speak: We Have To Wake Up!", Making the Shift,, July 28, 2010, (guest blogger)

Technical papers and publications prior to 2010


Speaker: Presentations

Balticon 48 (2014) Panel presentations, May 2014.

  • The Devil is in the Details
    Making your characters/world seem real without getting bogged down
  • Shortening your Books and Stories
    Tips on what to look for when editing down to acceptable lengths
  • Speaking in Public for Writers
    How to get over stage fright; what to do if you mess up
  • Pay it Forward
    Things we do to help other writers
  • How Hard Can it Be? Jumping our of Genre
    Pros and cons of writing in multiple genres

Yurt Workshop for Carrol County Writers, April 2014
Part I, Tips for Writers

  • Making Time for Writing
  • Improving your Craftsmanship
  • Marketing your Writing and Yourself
Part II, Anthology Workshop
  • Type of Anthology
  • Theme
  • Submission Guideline
  • Division of Labor

"Last Call", Germantown Toastmasters, December 2013

"Just Say No to Black Friday", Germantown Toastmasters, November 2013

CapClave 2013 Panels:

  • J.K.Rowling Wrote an Adult Mystery
    What happens when you change genres or write multiple genres? should you use pen names?
  • Nice Shoes...
    Use of clothing, hobbies, etc. to make your characters more real.
  • Blood in Southern Waters
    Why do writers put (non-sparkley) vampires in the South? What is it about the South that lends itself to the horror genre?
  • Self-Publishing / DIY Publishing
    How we got into SP, good and bad experiences, lessons learned.
  • Voracious Readers
    Where do writers stand personally on paper versus ebooks? Do writers keep books they've read or recycle?

"Get Your Scare On", panel, Oct. 5, 2013, Monster Fest X, Chesapeake VA

"Overview of CORAL Project and Charge to Reviewers", Sept. 11-12, 2013, Argonne National Laboratory

Balticon 47 (2013) Panel presentations, I exhibited in the Fantasy Art Show and participated in the New Media (NM) and Artists (A) speaking tracks:

  • NM-38: Make Your Book Shine!
    Basic information on interior formatting and layout of manuscripts and book cover design. Includes when to DIY or hire someone, how to find the right people for the job, and why all of these elements are important for a successful book.

  • NM-40: Websites for Authors
    Taking your brand and owning your site. Panelists discuss what attracts readers, gets purchases, and increases viewer interaction on author web sites.

  • NM-49: Kickstarter
    Real life experience from creative types who have already monetized their work using or by themselves

  • NM-52: Steps to Successful Self Publishing
    The basic and necessary steps to go from unpublished to successfully self published. What do you need to make sure to do?

  • Fan-23: Authors vs Artists SFF Pictionary
    (This event was changed to charades due to lack of drawing materials) I was drafted from the audience to lead the “authors” team against Eric V. Hardenbrook.

  • A-3: Tools for artists
    Experiences with a variety of digital and traditional media, and options for low cost alternatives.

  • A-4: Artistic Collaboration
    Lessons learned from shared projects.

"Seamstress Sara" (poem from Street People Tales), Vertikal Cafe blogtalkradio, December 19, 2012

"How to Draw a Face", Germantown Toastmasters, November 6, 2012

"Internet Research: Get a CLUE", Germantown Toastmasters, October 2012

Poetry and fiction selections, Open Mike Night at Birdies Cafe, Winchester MD, July 21, 2012

"Entrepreneurship in a Global Economy", panel, 2012 Presidential Scholar National Recognition Week, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., June 2012 (oral only)

"Lessons from the Ballroom", Germantown Toastmasters, November 15, 2011

"Reframing", Germantown Toastmasters, August 16, 2011

"No More Clark Kent", Germantown Toastmasters, July 5, 2011

"Stage Fright", Germantown Toastmasters, April 19, 2011

"Opportunities in Government, Military, and Public Service", panel, 2010 Presidential Scholar National Recognition Week, Dept. of Ed., Washington D.C. June 2010 (oral only)

Presentations prior to 2010

Principal/Expert Source: Interviews

Interview with writer Betsy A. Riley, Raani York blog, June 28, 2014

Is it OK for Mom and Dad to Pay for your Cell Phone? quoted by author Susan Johnston,, April 2, 2013

"Are Men More Romantic Than Women?" quoted by author Jeffrey Roth, Carroll Magazine, February 2013

Interview and Holiday Season Wishes from Betsy A. Riley, Black Lilac Kitty blog, December 2012

Analyzing Customer Demographics: The Dining Habits of Seniors quoted by authors,, October 2012

interview with Betsy about her poetry is posted on The Dan O'Brien Project blog, and includes a short video clip.

Interview: Betsy A. Riley by Sylvia Browder, founder of Women on the Rise, March 2012

"Friday Author Interview: Betsy Riley", Self-Publishing Experts (blog), January 2012

"Exploring the Writing World of Betsy Riley", Thoughtful Reflections, December 2011

"Author Betsy Riley", Teresa Morrow's blog, August 2011

"Blog interview no. 59 with poet and multi-genre author Betsy Riley", Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog, July 2011

"Why choose same letter names?",, January 2012, (quoted by author)

"Double Lives", Premium Travel magazine, June 2011 issue cover feature, (interviewed for anonymous contribution of anecdotes)

"Quick On the Drawl: When it Comes to Southern Intonation, Some Women Accentuate the Postive", HER Nashville, November 2010, (interviewed and quoted by author)

MORSE CODE: Destiny, Dots and Dashes by Lisa Sonne (booklet and kit) due out in 2012, (contributed and will receive acknowledgement)

"Stress of daily grind takes toll on teeth",, June 9, 2010 (interviewed and quoted by author)

Interviews prior to 2010


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