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Tiger Spied
See blog entry about my encounter with a tiger.

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When I say my mission is "to make the world a better place" I am totally serious. I've been working towards that goal a long time. From volunteering as a Candy Striper in high school, to a career supporting research in alternative energy sources, I've always been looking for ways to make a difference. That's why I started the Just One Thing website, which gives examples of ways one person can make a difference in the world (It shares a name with my blog).

These days a lot of my "mission" effort goes towards helping aspiring writers and artists. Toward that end, I started my own publishing imprint, Blue Dragon Press, under the ARTLAB philosophy (A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats). I'm helping writers get their first publication credits with BDP and with a series of how-to blogs.

To date, my published writings are mostly poems and short stories, in magazines, e-zines, and anthologies. But don't worry, there will be novels (some of them will have zombies, and some will have kudzu). In case you haven't noticed yet, I am also an artist. The banners below, my book covers and the illustrations in The Comet , Street People Tales , and Rabbit's Journey are all my work. This site is dedicated to my writing--my artwork and photography are featured at has my 3D sustainable artwork--crowns, masks, etc. Everything else is listed at my oldest site

Hopefully, you are here because I'm a writer, so there are a few things you should know. Because I write in multiple genres, and have a body of technical papers, I use pennames for a lot of my fiction. Using Betsy A. Riley, I write poetry, inspirational pieces, non-fiction, and children's stories. But to avoid shocking gentle readers (or business colleagues) with writings from my dark side (which can get freaky and/or quirky), I brand my other works by using pennames.

Cassandra Hex writes urban horror, things that go "gnarrrr" in the night. In Cassandra's stories, Death is more than warmed over--it's been zapped, nuked, and napalmed.
Delfina Hex writes paranormal and horror, but no Halloween beasties here. Everything looks normal, but looks can be deceiving. Delfina's stories feature carniverous canyons, sentient shrubbery, and wrathful winds.
Desdemona Pike writes stories about serial killers on the road. Under the Desdemona byline somebody is bound to die, and die badly. Desdemona rides shotgun when Death takes a road trip.


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